Solitary Moment in AYA

by Julius Kensan
25th January 2017
AYA Coffee throws in a different kind of atmosphere in the rowdy Muara Karang with their completely stripped-down interior that hones in on the value of stillness.

There are two types of coffee drinker. The first group is those who prefer it with the company of friends, the merrier the better. While the other would much rather to savour their caffeine by themselves, alone and undisturbed.

It’s pretty clear which group AYA coffee shop is targeting at. Located in the rowdy area of Muara Karang, this two-storey establishment feels like a minimalist grotto that is transplanted from another territory.

The stripped-down interior easily brings your attention to the unadorned blank walls, accentuated with a piece of furniture or two and single flower in a vase. Given such environment, it feels natural to converse in hushed tone or tuck yourself in a quiet corner and while the time away with your favourite read.

Still, AYA draws a diverse crowd. At times, the first floor is occupied by a few lone coffee drinkers but up on the second floor, groups of students or friends flock together for an energetic afternoon catch-up.

The menu selection is also kept to a minimal, just enough to keep your hunger at bay. There are petite tarts by Cotton & Tartlets and cookies by Surely Someday to go with your coffee, using beans from Morph Coffee.

AYA, which means “design” in Japanese as well as “to fly swiftly” in Hebrew, definitely sees the merit in keeping things simple. And if there’s anything to take away from your visit to AYA, it is that sometimes coffee is best enjoyed with stillness.