The Trail of Attarine

by Julius Kensan
25th October 2016
Taking inspiration from the famed Spice Route, Attarine’s dishes are made for those who appreciate the appeal of unfussy dishes packed with bold flavours.

Those who are accustomed to the outgoing nature of Potato Head Group’s establishments will find no trouble getting acquainted with Attarine. Taking a note from the historic Spice Trail, Attarine is an all-day restaurant that, first and foremost, celebrates bright and fresh flavours.

Headed by Chef Jacob Burrell, who can often be seen operating briskly by the open kitchen, the menu in Attarine does not pinpoint towards one specific type of cuisine. Instead, the dishes are gratifyingly diverse, as the spice route inspiration suggests.

For instance, for appetisers, your table could be filled with flat bread accompanied by green lentils puree and a bowl cauliflower cooked with turmeric and cashew butter. Not to be outdone, the mains consist of handsome wood-fired whole fish lying beside a bed of grilled zucchini and cherry tomatoes as well as the cast iron skillet shrimp flavoured with chilli and tamarind that reminds you of prawn sambal.

It’ll be a shame to dismiss or not to include their pickles to go along with your meal. These bright and colourful companies not only heighten the visuals but also elevate the taste of the mains. From the tangy beetroot to the crunchy carrot that gets spicier the further you chew, it is as if they were assigned the role of attacking your senses (in a good way), making sure you get the most out of every bite.

Apart from packed with flavours, the dishes look deceptively simple as though they were made using household recipes without much fuss involved in the process. The unfussy presentation of the dishes also sits well with the establishment’s status as the affable neighbourhood restaurant.

In essence, versatility is one of Attarine’s best attributes. A heavy lunch can be closed with a cup of coffee (using beans from One Fifteenth). Come evening, keep the cocktails flowing while taking your time with the meal. Or if you’re not feeling peckish yet, you could also settle for their tropical mocktails and just order a few plates of vegetable dishes to share with your friends. Bottom line, Attarine easily swings from day to night with ease.