A Nordic Lesson with Nord

by Pingkan Palilingan
4th October 2016
Residing in a quiet street in Pluit, Nord pulls visitors in with its wicked coffee and comforting interior that takes its cue from the Nordic style of design. You'll always be tempted to prolong your stay on every visit.

There are not many places that could be popular in just a matter of weeks after its first open. Nord, however, is one of those lucky few. Without any secret marketing tactics up its sleeve, it has attracted visitors from all around Jakarta without any difficulty.

Take a glimpse of what’s inside this coffee shop and there’s the self-evident reason on why most people are drawn to Nord at first sight. Dressed in muted hues, this coffee shop looks as if it is taken out of a page of an interior design magazine: comforting, posh and homey at once.

Just ask owner and barista, Asni Ong, and she would spill to you that “Nord” is actually a nod to the Nordic style of interior she admires (although, “Nord” also refers to its location in the north). Taking up a section of a friend’s home, every bit of Nord’s interior is done with Nordic precision and minimalism in mind – white honeycomb tiles, grey couch, black marble coffee bar and it’s all-black coffee apparatuses.

But Nord is more than just a pretty coffee shop; their coffee is definitely on a par with its pleasing façade. Despite its interior style that gravitates towards the northern hemisphere, when it comes to coffee, Asni is pretty much inclined on serving what she experienced from the Down Under. The medium-roast house blend (Brazil and Ethiopia by local micro-roastery Curious People), a typical roasting profile one would find in Australia, is considerably milder compare to what is served by the majority of coffee shops around the neighbourhood. Food-wise, it is kept to a minimum here – perhaps to keep customers’ focus on the coffee – but there’s an array of scrumptious pastry and the popular Cendol Cake to go with your cup of joe.

Residing in a quiet street just a corner away from the rowdier Muara Karang Street, Nord has all the criteria of an ideal hideaway. Whether you’re stopping by alone or with a company, with a place as cosy as Nord that serves wicked coffee, you’ll always be tempted to prolong your stay here.