Voyage Coffee

23rd September 2015
Looks like there won't be any shortage of fine coffee shop in Gading Serpong with the addition of Voyage, where the neighbourhood is now given with more options when it comes to coffee and a spot to chill.

The signage reads “Voyage”, as though it’s recounting the journey one must undergo in order to reach this place. The café plants itself in a quiet area in the district of Gading Serpong, straying an hour away from Jakarta’s blooming third-wave café trend.

Helmed by Kevin Kowara, Voyage has no intention to catch up with Jakarta’s specialty coffee fad. But rather, it was first established to accommodate Kowara’s zeal for coffee world.

The owner’s meekness thrown together with his assuring commitment are the recipes behind Voyage’s constantly improving coffee. Kevin embraces critics and suggestions, so don’t be surprised if he offers to fix you up another cuppa until it fits your palate. Besides coffee, the self-taught barista also whips up finger-licking desserts; for instance, chocolate fondant with homemade ice cream and the classic New York cheesecake.

It’s never easy to decide which seat you can settle nicely into in Voyage. The coffee bar seating is always an intriguing choice to consider – a nice spot to guzzle down your drink as the espresso machine breathes out fresh coffee aroma. The second floor is also an ideal spot for reclusive coffee drinkers. But chilled evenings beckon you to lounge about in the café’s intimate backyard. Think clean woodblocks, wrought iron and greens; you wish you could rent the backyard all day long to be your private haunt.

Planning to host activities and adding more varieties to its menu, Voyage is slowly turning itself to be the staple coffee shop of the neighbourhood. If the thought of braving the highway and traffic has already discouraged you from visiting Voyage, just remember that this café is well worth the voyage.