Gyros Alley

3rd November 2015
Gyros Alley fixes a quick Greek cuisine with ease, even the thought of having falafel for afternoon tea doesn't sound like a bad idea.

When someone asks, “what type of Greek food do you like?” to Jakartans, chances are the question would most likely be left hanging in the air. Surely it’s not their fault for not having the chance to chomp on a falafel or to think that spanaskopita is something similar to a sombrero hat. The small number of Greek restaurants in Jakarta has got to be the reason why locals don’t have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the said cuisine.

Cue Gyros Alley, the latest arrival in Panglima Polim that has shed some light on the Greek-cuisine crisis in Jakarta. You don’t have to worry if your Greek-cuisine vocabulary is still clumsy though, because there’s no air of intimidation within this place. Furthermore, chef and owner Dina Fattia (who also owns Casadina) is a delightful person to be around and she wouldn’t mind to explain a thing or two about Greek cuisine.

To those who are not sure where to start from, Gryos Alley’s spit gyros menu would make a nice introduction to Greek cuisine. Gyros is a Greek style roasted meat that is cooked in a charcoal spit, and one can have the options to have it wrapped in pita bread or just by itself with a company of fresh Greek salad.

If you’d like to venture out much further, the house’s spanakopita is also one of the dishes you must try – it is a Greek style crispy pastry with spinach and fetta cheese filling. And of course, after devouring, say grilled lamb souvlaki, do wash it down with  their homemade kefir lassi (a type of fruit-flavoured yogurt drink).

From a quick lunch break to intimate family dinner, the restaurant adapts to different sort of roles their patrons expect it to be (some other time you would bump into students and their laptops in this place). Thanks in part to the friendly air the place emits and its inviting blue door with cheerful clambering plants that add the homey factor to the place. All in all, Gyros Alley presents a nice introduction into Greek cuisine in a gentrified district of Panglima Polim.