Three Cheers for Three Siblings

by Ayu Swasti Amandari
16th February 2016
With a menu that is laden with coffee jargon, it's pretty clear that Three Siblings Coffee Brewers is the new alternative space for those itching for quality coffee in Pondok Indah neighbourhood.

Located in one of the shophouses across Pondok Indah Mall I, Three Siblings is manned by the Melbourne-trained Hadi Suwardi, who had previously worked in Melbourne’s coffee giant, Dukes Coffee Roasters and Jakarta’s very own One Fifteenth Coffee.

With coffee beans supplied from some of Jakarta’s finest roasters, namely Morph, Tanamera Coffee & Roastery and Giyanti, you can be sure that your coffee would be handled very well at Three Siblings. While looking at the café’s menu might be puzzling for most layman, Hadi is forthcoming and open whenever one asks about the menu – say, questions like what is Competizione or whether Melbourne is a coffee freshly delivered from the said city.

Apparently, Melbourne is a name Hadi created for a cup of Magic, a term famous in the said city, which means two shots of double ristretto in milk. This choice is especially recommended for those itching for a more flavourful, stronger white coffee.

If you’re looking to step up the game by trying out different types of coffee beans, Flight or Competizione coffee tasting menu would be the best options. The former is a tasting menu for two different kinds of the house’s coffee beans selection, from which patrons can choose to have it either in black (manual brew) or white coffee. Meanwhile for Competizione, patrons can try one specific type of coffee beans that arrives in two cups: black and white coffee. Beans selections are rotated each week so coffee enthusiasts can savour unique, seasonal coffee beans with various tasting profiles.

Three Siblings is pretty much all about coffee, but non-coffee drinkers can settle down instead to hot or ice chocolate provided by Korte, or an array of tea from Havilla Gourmet Tea. Food-wise, the option is quite restricted to doughnuts from local bakery Gordon, but that’s going to change soon with more variety of nibbles to choose from.  

With its sleek and stripped-back interior, Three Siblings may just be the new alternative spot to park yourself at for a quick sip of coffee or to while away the time with your pals. But all things aside, nothing can take the limelight from their coffee, which may urge you to take a more frequent detour to this place.