Seriously, SRSLY Coffee

by Julius Kensan
4th March 2016
Taking the matter of caffeine seriously, SRSLY Coffee is enlivening up the coffee scene in Cipete Raya strip with its combination of coffee, good time and airy interior.

Even Cipete Raya is not immune to the wave of specialty coffee culture that is blanketing the neighbourhood at the moment. Aptly named SRSLY Coffee, the establishment has been swiftly drawing regular patrons who do not take the matter of caffeine lightly.

Using espresso blend sourced from Giyanti and single origin beans from Philocoffee and Wisanggeni, rest assured that you’re in good hands. Even though they take their coffee seriously here, it doesn’t mean it’s only their way or the highway. That’s why don’t hesitate to inform the barista if you prefer your coffee stronger than average or vice versa.

Other than the coffee, the space itself is also central to the experience of SRSLY Coffee. Designed by architect Aang Wirawan, the ample number of tall windows fills the space with plenty of glow even when the sky is covered in screen of thick clouds.

The long communal table is ideal for those who are here with friends for quick catchup over coffee and brunch. And speaking of food, SRSLY serves no-brainer all day breakfast options, such as Big Breakfast platter and Avocado Toast that aim to please. If you’re here alone, it won’t take long before you settle down with a good book in a far corner, occasionally glancing up for a brief session of people watching.

But if all those time indoor is stifling you up, just make your way to the backyard to catch some well-deserved fresh air. The outdoor seating area is also perfect for meetings that require a little privacy or when you simply prefer to sip coffee with the company of the pattering rain.

For residents who are still newbie to the third wave coffee culture, SRSLY is a good place to start. But for those who already acquainted with it, SRSLY couldn’t have come soon enough.