A Tribute to Comfort Food by Nolita

by Pingkan Palilingan
17th February 2016
With an array of New American-inspired comfort food, it's easy to fall for the delightful coffee and breakfast joint, Nolita.

North Kemang may have played a second-fiddle to its brother, Kemang Raya, for quite a long time. But when Nolita enters the picture, one wouldn’t mistreat North Kemang simply as a shortcut route to avoid traffic-clogged streets anymore. Especially when you drive past Nolita’s charming façade that would grab your attention at once.

Nolita was named after a neighbourhood in Manhattan, New York City, an area abounds with exciting places according Nolita’s co-owner, Cas Alfonso Nainggolan. On the first thought, one would expect an upmarket fine-dining type of restaurant by looking at Nolita’s façade. However, not wanting to be dubbed as “posh” and “exclusive”, murals are placed on the entrance and stairs (just like how some cafés do in NYC, said Cas) to introduce Nolita as that friendly neighbourhood joint.

Indeed, their tagline “Your neighbourhood coffee & comfort food joint” attests to what they are good at. If you’re the diet-starts-tomorrow type, then you’re definitely in for special treats at Nolita for they boast terrific breakfast choices that are rooted heavily on the New American cuisine – a fusion between the country’s classic favourite dish and European, Southern American and Asian fares.

You may start with their Deep Fried PB & J (peanut butter and jelly – raspberry jam) sandwich with bacon, which is not only seductive in appearance but also, in terms of flavour, probably an epitomic union of sweet and savoury. Or help yourself to their Pulled Pork Egg Benedict with guacamole and baby potatoes, for something with more texture and spices. Comes in a whopping portion, the next popular option is Croque Madame, a very cheesy sandwich (egg, tomato, ham), that comes doused in the melt-in-your-mouth Mornay sauce (cheese-flavoured white sauce).

Don’t forget to save room for desserts, which is taken care of by Ladies Who Bake. And yes, that in demand Homemade Cherry Crumble Pie is available here, along with Canari Pie, a sweet affair you can’t miss. Remember how Nolita boasts not only comfort food but also coffee in their tagline? It’s actually a friendly reminder for you not to skip their coffee. The milk-based coffee is double ristretto with beans supplied by Smoking Barrels, so better avoid gulping it down when your stomach is empty.

The best spot to seat yourself in is on the second floor if you prefer to spend some alone time with coffee and newspaper by the window. Furthermore, it is also a perfect hideaway for you who wish to pig out in peace. But no need to worry of judging eyes; with delightful, hearty food that warms one’s cockles, you can be sure that other patrons in Nolita are coming there with a similar purpose as you.