No-Fuss Pasta alla Pastificio-K

by Pingkan Palilingan
11th April 2015
Whipping up a plate of pasta meal may seem a formidable or, more so, an irksome task for some.Thank goodness for Pastificio-K, for serving no fuss pasta on our table.

True, cooking up a bowl of pasta meal can be a bothersome task. Just for the sake of simplicity, we often settle on the run-of-the-mill spaghetti alla bolognese or fettucine alla carbonara. And, as if the two aren’t easy enough to create, we often ended up using jarred pasta sauce although we know, without question, there’s nothing could beat homemade sauce.

Thank God – or in this matter, Grazie a Dio – Pastificio-K pasta shop and eatery has shed us some light on this problem. Pastificio-K was established by two amici: Alain Cornil (the owner of renowned KOI Restaurant) and an Italian friend of his, whom a specialist of pasta making. Therefore, as for taste and authenticity, Pastificio-K leaves no room for doubt.

Upon arriving, guests are to receive menu cards on which they could tick each one from a selection of fresh pasta (produced by KOI’s pasta machine), daily homemade sauce, additional topping, and have it delivered to your table in no time. Pastificio-K also extends a helping hand for those I-want-to-cook-something-efortless minds out there through an easy option of take away. By easy, visitors could simply choose their desired pasta (measured by weight) and sauce to go, that would only take less than 10 minutes to be whipped up at the convenience of one’s home.

Pasta assortments here are quite diverse with choices ranging from the frequent ravioli (spinach, beef, salmon, or ricotta) to those peculiar for us Indonesians such as gigli and conchiglie. In terms of sauces, rendang is quite popular a choice as well as Pastificio-K’s creamy Parmesan. Confused? Ask one of the staffs behind the pasta counter whom could guide you which pasta goes best with which sauce, or whether anchovies and pesto would be a good pair, or whether you and that cute Italiano in the corner would make an ideal couple (okay, we’ve gone overboard).

Even though the menu dispenses a homey approach towards pasta, Pastificio-K’s establishment projects a smart counterpoint to a certain degree. The compact two-storey dining room is modern, stark, and offers an intimate luminosity for diners. Thankfully, everything comes to balance with the help of its delightful and affordable bowl of pasta. Pastificio-K aces no fuss pasta unlike any other.