Serving Up Nasi Goreng Gourmet

by Julius Kensan
14th April 2016
Chicken katsu, lamb chop and deep fried soft shell crab, these are just some of the fancy toppings you could add to your fave fried rice at Nasi Goreng Gourmet.

Modern city life is all about juggling the merit of traditions and expectation of the new. The same can also be said for food. And Nasi Goreng Gourmet is the ideal example of such shift in the way we approach food.

The establishment, as the name suggests, serves the one dish that even tourists are well aware of. The no-fuss and versatility of fried rice continue to be the main reason why people flock to this dish as their perennial favourite. But sometimes, it’s understandable to long for a meal that’s more elevated than the usual.

Nasi Goreng Gourmet provides just that and luckily, without leaving a dent in your wallet. Diner starts off with selecting their choice of fried rice – Nasi Goreng, Nasi Ongseng (fried rice sans sweet soy sauce) and Nasi Cajun (fried rice with black pepper sauce). The gourmet part refers to the toppings that you could add on top of your fried rice, from the popular chicken katsu, beef short ribs to fancier options like gyu tan (beef tongue), lamb chop and even deep fried soft shell crab.

Still, even if you’re not in the mood for those heavy toppings, there’s nothing wrong in indulging in the appetising fried rice itself. To add a little more kick, various sauces, such as teriyaki and sambal matah, are ready to complement your meal.

Thanks to the easy-going nature of Nasi Goreng Gourmet, the establishment regularly sees crowds of nearby office workers to drop by for lunch or modest after work dinner. Not that they need much persuasion anyway, as Nasi Goreng Gourmet is also a great spot to fill your tummy before bracing the congested Antasari road ahead.