I Scream Ice Cream at LIN

by Julius Kensan
23rd November 2013
This year, everyone's frozen goodness gets a makeover with liquid Nitrogen.

It is safe to assume that in a tropical country like Indonesia, there are two things that are popular, or made popular at the very least. And they are ice cream and beach. Though most Indonesians may not have the access to the latter whenever they want, it’s safe to say the former is something that is readily available with just a stone throw away. Yet, while they are available everywhere, it’s hard not to flinch at mass produced and artificially flavoured ice cream that are sweetened to the point of toothache.

This is why LIN Artisan Ice Cream provides a new way to enjoy this frozen dessert like a breath of fresh air. Founded by Astrid H.W., LIN Artisan Ice Cream is the first establishment in Indonesia to serve ice cream that is frozen with liquid nitrogen. The end result is ice cream that is soft and dense without any unwelcome ice crystals.

It is hard not to be fickle-minded when you’re offered with a range of enticing flavours that include Frozen Expresso and alcohol infused ones such as Beer Pongs and Smiley Baileys, in addition to several fruity flavours. But the commitment did not just stop at the use of liquid nitrogen alone. All the ice cream is served without any added preservatives, artificial flavourings and colourings.

While the concept of making ice cream using liquid nitrogen is not new, the presence of LIN Artisan Ice Cream definitely offers a new excitement and a new way to appreciate ice cream with modern approach.