Burger Pleasure at Buns & Meat

by Jonathan Tjia
27th June 2016
Buns & Meat celebrates the simplicity of a good burger, helped out with hearty servings of pork.

Walking into Buns & Meat, you are greeted by a mural that portrays the evolution of humanity. Except, the last figure seemingly skips a few steps of the process, and depicts an astronaut holding a “fully fledged” burger. The cheeky twist is actually a taut lesson, in that all of humanity has become extremely accustomed to the burger. It is this exact concept that Buns & Meat tries catering to.

Originally established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as a restaurant focusing on simple burgers, the Jakarta branch of Buns & Meat aims to serve the modern creations with a traditional Asian twist. From there, the establishment also becomes a place for other forms of Asian fusion dishes. A quick glance at the menu, filled with dishes such as Spaghetti Ayam Balado and Benjamin’s Waffles (waffles with bacon and maple syrup), will certainly attest to this.

But of course, the highlight is on the burgers, including the aptly named Porkzilla and Runny Mess. While they contain ingredients found in typical Western burgers, the burgers also contain cutlets of Cantonese-style pork belly sprinkled generously throughout its layers. And with everything made in-house, from the buns to pork patties, the quality of the food certainly stays on point.

Another staple of the restaurant is its selection of traditional pork cutlets, such as Char Siew and Deep Fried Roasted Pork Belly. Served in plentiful portions on wooden cut boards, the dishes are intended for sharing. However, the crispiness of the pork belly and the sweetness of the Chinese barbecue sauce, paired with the citrusy chilli sauce will certainly make sharing difficult.

Although the calorie count of its servings is anything but low, it’s nevertheless great to be shared with your friends. Besides, who doesn’t mind letting out their inner carnivores every now and then.